Just couple of days into winter break when I am still planning what to do with my family, an emergent task landed as I stepped into the office. I was asked to be in charge of the model student trophy design project and be done with it within 7 days!! I was given only a week to complete the design and the sample.

I was like, oh my god!! How come they are changing the trophy again? It’s been only one year old. What the heck is wrong with it? It turned out there was nothing wrong with it at all. The design, production, and service were all fine. It was the new school! They felt it should be open for new bidding given the credibility concern.

Despite the myriad model student trophies, we have a tight budget. Fitting in all the design elements is as difficult as the judgment of paris. On top of that, this whole project has a deadline a week from now. It means that the design needs to be done in 3 days, sculpture and sampling in another 3, and packaging, assembly, photograph, synthesis in the last one. And this is by no means the most conservative schedule estimate, given the possibilities of wrong quotes and bidding in excess of budget. Considering the high risks, the safest plan is to have more modules of design, with each using different materials and being manufactured in different factories. But more importantly we are in a situation in which we have to race against time. We can afford to lose any single second. We must convene a team on the project, figure out a simple labor of division, and roll up our sleeves!!

Changing the story would be the first job. Reflecting back on the previous one, it took the notable story Jonathan Livingston Seagull, which was inspired by the gripping story of an assiduous and perseverant seagull. So can we also figure out a similar true story that inspires? Does it really exist? The seagulls soar in the sky, and so can human beings. Flying has always been a dream of mankind, yet it is not anymore since the Wright brothers invented the first sustained human flight. Well, what kind of spirit does that tell us?

The Wright brothers’ airplane managed to fly like a real bird, which flies with its wings. They were able to successfully fly because of the fixed-wing aircraft. The commonality between a bird and their invention is the wings, with which they fly freely. Feather wings, gliders, airplane wings… These can be the idea from which our design originates. Our trophy is set to be themed “the wing of dream,”  representing the spirit that encourages us to reach out to our dreams riding on the wind.

All of what I just said was purely imaginary. It had to be put down in sketch. Simple, grab a paper and a pencil and be done with it. Oh, no, it’s not finished yet. There’s a lot of work awaiting ahead. The sketch’s gotta be converted to a vector graph and then divided to different parts. Discussion with the factory then ensued, which was followed by couple of amendments. It took couple of days, but time was still ticking.

Next, the whole design team was mobilized to shape up the real thing based on the settled dimensions. We produced 2 pieces of work within 7 days. One of them was picked and won the bid.

Sometimes you will find that you are actually competing with no one but yourself. Given the success of the first and second generations, the pressure is there. There’s always gotta be some improvements because there’re always people out there doing the same thing as you are and outshining you. Nevertheless, we made it this time. I hope next time we can have more time and make the best use of it so we can have better pieces done.

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