The sunflower has long figured favorably in art, and many famous artists have featured sunflowers in their paintings, the most famous of which are Van Gogh’s series of sunflowers. But this must be the first trophy to use the sunflower as its design theme.

Although the accessory graphic in the client’s logo is the silhouette of a sunflower, much discussion and refinement is needed to convert a two-dimensional image into a three-dimensional object. Such details include the number of petal layers: should it be one or two layers? Should the back of the flower be the same as the front? How much should the bud in the middle protrude out? Should the petals be curved at a specific angle? All of these questions had to be resolved one by one on the computer 3D simulation.

Afterwards the sculpting begins; since the design has already been simulated in 3D computer graphics, the design itself presents no problems during sculpting. However, to facilitate the molding process later on, some minor adjustments are made so that the product can easily be removed from the mold and polished.

The finished trophy is created as a stainless steel copy, with gold and copper plating in bright, golden colors, so as to portray the sunflower’s warm and shiny texture. The matching base uses composite stone materials in grey and black hues to enhance the impact and brilliance of the metal sculpture.

The Sunflower Trophy is a prize awarded annually to the best boutique stand in a department store. For those servicing valued customers in the department store, the always bright and smiling sunflower is no doubt their perfect role model.

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