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●Chief Design Director
江 彦良 Frank Jiang

How should acrylic be shaped? How should crystals be cut? Is logwood better than composite wood? What methods are available for processing metal surfaces?
These decisions regarding material and processing techniques can’t be explained in just one or two words, yet they are the first and foremost issues we face when designing an award trophy. The material forms the base, the design guides the look, the technique serves as a crucial factor, while the cost is a real world concern. If an excellent design fails to deal with these problems, it will be difficult to carry out.

I often visit the workshop to see how the craftsmen do their work. They like working in ways they like: experience has taught them what works and what doesn’t. But different award ceremonies and events often present different requirements for the design of the award, and sometimes non-conventional methods must be used to satisfy design requirements. Although changing a habit means taking risks, even if we don’t end up with an expected result, we do end up with a unique result.

For us, an award trophy is more than a gift presented at a ceremony; it is also a “souvenir for life”, a creation for a glorious moment. We hope that the passion we put into our trophies can make each award event a stirring occasion, and wish for every recipient to have a truly moving experience.

● Company established

July 1995

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LF Design Ltd., Co.
1F., No.20, Ln. 23, Yongkang St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 10650, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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2005 Qi.East Art
2009 A++ Award