“Venus Award” is an award brand established by LF Design in 2000. The name of the brand clearly shows the Greek mythology inspiration behind this series.

Everyone knows that Venus was the goddess of love and beauty. The most famous representation of her is the painting The Birth of Venus (1482~1486), by the Renaissance artist Sandro Botticelli, which depicts the iconic image of Venus being born from the sea.

Although this is indeed a beautiful image, we want LF Design’s Venus to have a more triumphal feel. We added a pair of sturdy wings, as well as a simple evening gown; we also changed her body movements to a self-embrace while gazing far into the distance, symbolizing “hope” for future imagination. Finally, we made her hair flow in one direction to bring the feeling of “speed” in the wind; and thus LF Design’s own image of Venus was born.

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Meeting customer demands is a must: If I were the customer of a trophy instead of the creator, what kind of trophy would I buy, and what problems might I face? I often thought that if each and every trophy is unique, would it be possible for us to start producing a tailor-made trophy after the client places an order, so as to give the client maximum flexibility in choice?

After many years of hard work and overcoming numerous obstacles, I have finally achieved each of my ideas. Now, the all-new “A++ Collections” brand will completely alter the trophy purchasing experience.

Each A++ trophy has a distinct set of designer genes, and is available in a wide range of colors and sizes. We believe that there is a praiseworthy story behind each trophy, and we strive to make every story a long-lasting memory. Whether you are an individual or an organization, please contact us for further information on A++ products and services. We will be delighted to share and create every new story behind each trophy.

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